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Pretty view

17 Sep

These photos are actually from yesterday.  Yesterday morning was so beautiful; still, sunny, and warm.  I took advantage and walked down to the vege markets in shorts and a singlet! (crazy for Wellington in September) This first photo is the (slightly wonky) view from our living room.  It’s slightly wonky because I had to take it out a window, that doesn’t open fully – it was a bit of a challenge.

Pretty huh?

Later in the day it clouded over and rained quite a lot.  But then in the early evening it cleared up, and I took this photo on my way home, from the top of the path to our house.

I love the light in that photo, so soft and slightly pinky orange.  And just so calm.  Makes it easier to feel the calm inside when the weather is like that.



Tiny jungle

12 Sep

So, this time photos taken with my real camera (iphone really not being up to the task).

These are the trees in the building that my gym is in.  Along with them, the building has snake plants and some of these wicked tropical things (which I just learnt, and you can too, are related to pineapples.

As well as liking the plants, I like the reflection that is going on this picture – it’s always good news when you can get two images in one.

Anyway, until tomorrow!