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Mount Kaukau

25 Sep

In order to make the most of the beautiful weather over the weekend, the significant other and I walked up Mount Kaukau.  The walk starts off in the bush in Khandallah (which I didn’t realise was a sub-continental word – when you drive around Khandallah, which we did for about 15 minutes because we got lost, most of the names are sub-continental).



The path goes pretty much straight up the side of the hill, mostly in steps.


And then once you get to the top, you get 360 degree views of Wellington, including all the way to the South Island.


Pretty amazing, and definitely worth the walk up the hill!



25 Sep

The weather was just too nice here to do any posting over the weekend.  But here is a photo I took yesterday.

That greeny blue of the water is the perfect colour – just a little dusty and cloudy.  And I love the way the water puts the perspective all out.


Sun through trees

20 Sep

I really liked the sun shining through the norfolk pine in front of our house this morning, with the wispy cloud in behind.  It was very bright and cheerful, given that it started out looking like it would be quite a grey day.

Disgruntled cat face

19 Sep

I was trying to take a photo of our cat, Bowie, using the camera case as a pillow.  But instead I got a photo of a very disgruntled cat, who had been woken up by me trying to take a photo of him.

You maybe can’t really tell from this photo, but Bowie is a very pretty grey tabby.  And he’s pretty good natured usually, but something about having a camera pointed in his face while trying to sleep really pissed him off.  Silly cat.



13 Sep

On my walk to work every morning there are always lots of seagulls on the beach.


And today’s was a particularly nice morning; still, crisp and sunny.

Tiny jungle

12 Sep

So, this time photos taken with my real camera (iphone really not being up to the task).

These are the trees in the building that my gym is in.  Along with them, the building has snake plants and some of these wicked tropical things (which I just learnt, and you can too, are related to pineapples.

As well as liking the plants, I like the reflection that is going on this picture – it’s always good news when you can get two images in one.

Anyway, until tomorrow!